Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Why Not?

Jimmy looked at the match in the computer. There was no way he could have been so blind. The match on the finger prints belonged to Maria Sanchez, the woman who had integrated herself into his investigation.

“Sergeant, I want you to put out an APV on Maria’s car, we have to stop her before she realizes that we know.”

“Yes, sir. But what do we know?”

“That she’s our main suspect. When you find her, arrest her for the Murder of Carlton Meleska.”


“Sir, Maria Sanchez is waiting for you in Room 2.”

“Thank You, Sergeant.”

Jimmy gathered himself and headed to the interrogation room.

“Miss Sanchez, you want to tell me why we found your fingerprints on the murder weapon?”

“Easy, Jimmy, because I killed him.”

“You want to tell me why?”

“Jimmy, why don’t you tell me why not?